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Ebook Free Publishing & Draft Puchasing

Amazon, Kobo, iBooks(Apple Books), Google ...

Stopping a Service

Publish your book!


Publish your books across the world through Amazon Kindle, Kobo, iBooks(Apple Books), Google Play Books

Registration and publication are free!

Royalty revenue is up to 50%!



Sell your book!


Sell your Ebook novels and manuscripts sleeping on your PC at a high price!

Get your payment quickly

A Word file is OK!


Draft Purchase


Invite your friends!


Earn 5% commission for every purchase of your friend’s work!

Earn through refferals!

Benefits for your friends, too!


Affiliate Program

What is micpub?

micpub stands for micro-publishing.
micpub aims at a world where everybody can publish and sell Ebooks anytime, anywhere.
It is very common for paper books to sleep in the bookshelves or stock rooms of our houses, but in reality, many electronic books are also left unused in our computers. micpub helps to make those drafts into profitable books and distribute them all over the world.
If you have a document sleeping in your computer, why not try using micpub to distribute it to the world? You will be surprised by the number of people who will see value in your manuscript.

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4 Reasons Why You Should join micpub

1. micpub is free!
Normally, asking a merchant to publish your books will cost around $100 to $500. And in the case of self-publishing/personal publication, it will be even more expensive.
However, with micpub creating Epub file and the publication are all free of charge. There will be no charges until income comes in!

2. micpub is easy!
he publishing method is very simple, all you need is a Word file of your manuscript.
Other agencies charge a few thousand yen for your book cover, but here in micpub, we will only charge once your book is sold (there is a commission depending on sales).
However, we highly recommend that you make your own cover to avoid charges.

3. micpub is worldwide!!
You can distribute your books to Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Apple iBooks, and Google play books.
Approximately 90% of the world’s digital books are sold in these stores.
If you use micpub, neither there’s a need for you to create files that match the specifications of each store nor create accounts for all stores!

4. micpub can earn in three ways!
You can earn money by publishing and selling ebooks through micpub.
You can also sell your manuscripts of ebooks directly to micpub.
You can also get incomes through affiliates.
Compared to general e-book publishers and agencies, such services are rare.

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Characteristics of Ebook Stores

1. Amazon:Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle is a publishing service of Amazon that has undoubtedly No.1 share in the ebook market.

NOTE:KDP select cannot be selected with micpub.
If you register in the plan called KDP Select, you will be able to earn money even with the rental service (Kindle Unlimited).
BUT you will not be able to publish your books to other publishing stores then.

In addition, the publication rules are strict, you cannot publish public domain unless certain conditions are fulfilled.


2. Rakuten:Kobo

Kobo is a publishing service for ebooks managed by Rakuten and is the second largest ebook publisher in Japan.
Rakuten Kobo works in cooperation with various point services and sales every day, and has countless of users.
In recent years, Kobo has dramatically expanded to the Asian regions, surpassing Amazon’s global presence.


3. Apple:iBooks(Apple Books)

Apple is running iBooks(Apple Books) and when you buy an iPhone, the app is installed from the beginning.
Basically every iPhone user can purchase books posted on iBooks(Apple Books).
Recently, Apple is trying to recover the share of the ebook market from Amazon, so further expansion is expected in the future.


4. Google:Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a digital bookstore in Google Play that is included in Android system from the beginning.
Basically all Android smartphone users can purchase books on Google Play Books.
It is operated by Google, the leading search engine, so it may be displayed in various search results.

Ebook Distributor Comparison Chart

Upfront Fee$0$200$30
per year
Royalty Rate50%50-70%55%20%
Ebook StoresAmazon
iBooks(Apple Books)
Google Play Books
Google Play Books
Accepted Formats.docx


1. Upfront Fee
Generally, The initial cost will help you decide whether you want to become a publisher or not.
Most publishers charge around $100, but if you add some additional options, it can cost you up to $500 or more.
Moreover, you will be charged the first time and after that, you will be charged once a year, making publishing agencies earn more than you in the long run.
Considering that there is no guarantee that the books will be sold and you will gain back your investment (i.e. upfront/membership fee), it is a prudent choice to use the service with free initial cost.
Since micpub does not charge any initial cost, you do not have to pay until your book is sold and receive a payment, so you can rely on it.

2. Royalty Rate
For services that includes the initial cost, the royalty rate will be higher accordingly.
On the contrary, the publishing agency service free of initial cost usually decreases the royalty rate considerably.
Although micpub is free of initial cost, its royalty rate is as high as that of the agencies that charge initial cost.
In addition, you can further increase your income through the affiliate program described below.

3. Ebook Stores
Most publishing agencies publish only in Amazon.
Also, other agencies may seem to have a lot of publishing destinations, but they are in fact minor stores.
In micpub, you can distribute to 4 major stores, Amazon, Kobo, iBooks(Apple Books), and Google Play Books.
Furthemore, The distribution destination will be expanded further in the future.

4. Accepted Formats
In micpub, publication is possible if you prepare either Word file or Epub file.
If you are asking an agency that only accepts Epub files, you must create the file yourself or request the creation for a certain cost.
Unlike Word and text files, Epub files are difficult to create, and even if you can create them, you may not be able to meet the standards set for each store.
There are also sites that can convert your text files to Epub for free, but it takes time to mark up your manuscript.
These are merits unique to micpub that can be used free of charge.

5. Affiliate Program
Among e-book publishing agencies, offering affiliate programs is rare.
Also, many of them are discount-type friends introduction programs.
For instance, you will get a $10 discount on your upfront fee if you introduce a friend.
Additionally, unlike micpub, very few of them have the sales-linked affiliate programs.
Even if there are similar programs, they are commonly offered for a limited period such as within a few months from the introduction.
With micpub, the reward is unlimited as long as your friend’s book is continuously being sold.
It means that even people without writing talent have great opportunities to make money through micpub.