Article 1 Purpose
1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Affiliate Partners who participate in the micupub Affiliate Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided by the operator of this site (“Operator”), It defines matters to be complied with regarding.
2. Terms and conditions apply to items not specified in this agreement regarding this service.
3. If there are any other Affiliate Terms which are written in another language, and there is some difference between each Affiliate Terms, the terms stated in Japanese shall prevail or be applied.

Article 2 Definition
In this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below.
a. “Registered User” means an individual, a corporation, an organization, etc. who applied for user registration by a prescribed method based on the usage agreement and the administrator approved the registration.
b. “Partner” means a person who participates in this service as an affiliate partner.
c. “Unregistered user” means a person who is not a registered user among the users specified by the Terms of Use.
d. “Agreement” means the contractual relationship between the operator and the partner arising under this Agreement.
e. “Affiliate media” means websites managed by their partners, e-mail messages, applications, and other media designated by the operator as subject to this service.
f. “Link, etc.” means a dedicated banner advertisement linked to various pages of the mall, a dedicated URL, an application, and other guidance means designated by the operator as subject to this service.

Article 3 Conditions of Partner
1. Registered users who are selling one or more books through micpub will automatically become partners.
2. Even registered users who once satisfy the above conditions of use lose their position as a partner during the period when it becomes impossible to satisfy the above conditions by stopping publication of books on sale, We can not receive any affiliate fee incurred.

Article 4 Contents of This Service
1. This service is for unregistered users to receive a referral from a partner and in the event of doing one of the following, according to the remuneration, the operator will pay the partner a fee at a fixed rate Contents.
a. Application for becoming a registered user, becoming a registered user, submitting and publishing e-books, publishing, when sales have occurred and you get a loyalty reward.
b. When applying for the manuscript purchase from the manuscript purchase form and the purchase is approved and the manuscript fee is acquired.
2. Unregistered users shall enter the e-mail address that the partner has registered in micpub in the introducer column when making an application for becoming a registered user or applying for the manuscript purchase.
3. If you do not enter an introducer ID by an unregistered user, you can not receive compensation as a partner, regardless of whether the partner actually introduced you or not.
4. Remuneration received by the partner shall be notified and paid in the sales of the partner’s own book unless otherwise specified by the operator.

Article 5 Display on Affiliate Media
1. A partner can freely introduce the service through its own affiliate medium or other methods than the Internet, but it can not be introduced on affiliate media including one of the following contents.
a. Contrary to the terms of use, related agreement etc (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement, etc.
b. Contents, criminal acts, discriminatory expressions, expressions / contents contrary to public order and morals.
c. Content that is uncomfortable for general people such as adult content, filthy or grotesque content, and other contents not suitable for browsing by the unspecified number of users including young people.
d. Unjustifiable indications in violation of voluntary standards relating to advertisements prescribed by the Japan Mail Order Sales Association ( ).
e. Contents that may cause misunderstandings to the user.
f. Words that request or petition the user for clicking “Please click for website operation”.
2. The operator may ask the parties to change the content and the display if they decide that the link or affiliate media created by the partner is in contrast to the preceding paragraph, and the partner will follow it.

Article 6 Prohibited Matter
1. The partner shall not do the following acts:
a. The act of damaging the rights, interests, privacy, honor, etc. of an administrator, service provider, user, general consumer or another third party, including acts that give other disadvantages or those that might cause fear.
b. Asking the establishment of links and the like to websites managed by others, mailing lists, mail magazines, etc.
c. Opening multiple accounts and registering yourself as an introducer.
d. The promotion that administrators, service providers or third parties feel annoying or uncomfortable, such as bulletin board sites, video posting sites, writing/posting to Q & A sites, and distribution of advertisement emails to parties who have not received prior approval to do an act.
e. Acquiring or obtaining performance payment by actions that cannot be reasonably evaluated as contributing to the granted target outcome.
f. Providing services that may compete with or conflict with the operator by using this service.
g. Performing an act that hinders the operation and maintenance of the services of this service and other operators.
h. Registering false contents in the registration matter, or withholding genuine information.
i. Performing other acts prohibited by other operators under the terms of use.
2. From the viewpoint of fraud prevention, if a partner introduces this service to an unregistered user with the same first name and the same name as his, the remuneration received as a partner through that user is invalid.

Article 7 Payment of Outcome Compensation
1. Result payment of the service received by the partner is as follows:
a. When an unregistered user receives the introduction of a partner, registers himself as a user, becomes a registered user, and enters and publishes electronic books, he receives 5% of the royalty reward when sales occur. In addition, an unregistered user receives a referral from the partner, _ an application for becoming a registered user, and _ a reward of 250 yen when becoming a registered user.
2. Transactions covered by remuneration in paragraph 1 shall be dealings on sales sites separately determined by the operator. However, the operator may restrict or add the targeted transaction depending on his or her judgment.

Article 8 The Right of License
The operator does not grant the partner any rights other than those expressly authorized by this agreement. Partners shall not interpret this Agreement with those granted rights other than those licensed under the terms of this Agreement, such as being licensed to use trade names, trademarks, marks of the operator.

Article 9 Taxes and Expenses
Partners will be responsible for taxes and incidental expenses incurred in connection with the establishment, operation and management of affiliate media and links, or payment of remuneration.

Article 10 Confidentiality Preservation
Partner shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether during the term of this Agreement or after termination of the Agreement, the Registered User’s information which he / she knew in connection with this Agreement and this Agreement, other Services, Operators, Service Providers or we shall not disclose information about users to other users.

Article 11 Notice
1. In principle, the operator shall notify the contact or send other forms of notice concerning the service by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address registered by the partner (hereinafter referred to as “registered address”), in accordance with the method posted.
2. The partner regularly checks the e-mail addressed to the registration address and the site and reads its contents, and in the case where correspondence is required, immediately, according to the instructions of the operator, take appropriate measures (for the operator if you are asked for a reply, we will take action to immediately reply). Even though the operator has requested the partner to reply, in the case where there is no reply from the partner within the period designated by the operator, the administrator may take action based on the next Article.

Article 12 Violation of these Terms and Conditions
1. In the event that the administration acknowledges that the partner is in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Operator may take the measures listed in the following items without prior notice or demand, and the partner may not be able to state objections.
a. Lost or suspended partner
b. Suspension of outcome compensation
c. Cancellation of the provision of all or part of this service
2. The operator can obtain the refund of the remuneration, including the amount acquired in the past. In addition to the measures of each item of the preceding paragraph, to the partner that the administrator acknowledges is in violation of these Terms and Conditions, in this case, the partner shall pay the full amount in a manner instructed immediately by the operator.
3. Even if damage or disadvantage arises to a partner by taking the measures in the two preceding paragraphs, the operator shall not bear any responsibility.

Article 13 Compensation for damages
1. With regard to the use of this service by the partner, the partner shall notify all partners, if complaints, disputes, etc. arise between unregistered users, registered users registered with the introduction of partners and other third parties. We will resolve the responsibility and burden of this.
2. When the partner’s use of this service causes damage to the operator, the partner is obliged to compensate for damages and pay attorney fees and all other expenses required for the provision of a solution to the operator We shall assume.
3. Without obtaining the consent of the partner in the dispute between the partner and the unregistered user, the registered user registered with the introduction of the partner, and other third parties, the operator can obtain information on the dispute provided other assistance can be provided.

Article 14 Change of Specification
The operator shall be able to change all or part of the specification of this service at any time at any time. In addition, the operator shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the partner in connection with the change in the specification.

Article 15 Termination of this Agreement
1. This agreement shall be terminated when the partner withdraws or loses registered user qualification due to the cancellation of the registered user’s qualification, etc.
2. The operator shall be able to suspend or terminate the provision of this Service at any time for any partner or specific partner, regardless of reason. In addition, the operator shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the partner concerning such interruption or termination.

Article 16 Disclaimer
Regarding the disruption, retardation, suspension, disappearance of data due to the failure of communication lines, computer, etc., failure related to the identification access, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, and other damage caused to registered users regarding this service, we shall not bear any responsibility.

Article 17 Revision of These Terms
The operator can arbitrarily revise this agreement. In the case of revision of this agreement, it will take effect when posted on the operator’s designated site. In this case, the partner will comply with the revised regulations.