About User Registration


Q: Do I need to register?
A: Browsing of published pages can be done without registering.
The user registration is required when uploading and selling works.

Q: Does it cost money to use this service?
A: No upfront cost. User registration, uploading of works, and publishing applications are free.
A sales commission will only occur if the work is purchased.


Q: I did not receive the authentication email.
A: There are two possibilities.

1. If it cannot be received due to mailer settings, etc.
There is a possibility that the email has been marked as spam and sent to the spam folder.
Please check if the email from micpub has arrived in the spam folder.
If the authentication email arrives in the spam folder, please complete the registration from the link in the email.
Also, in order to receive future notifications, please set “micpub.com” as a receivable domain.

If you cannot find the certificate email by all means, please contact us from the Inquiry Form. We will delete the last registration application on the administrator side, and then you will register again.


2. If the entered email address is incorrect
The email address you entered may be incorrect.
Please check your email address and try registering again.


Q: I forgot my password.
A: Please contact the administrator.


Q: I cannot log in.
A: There are two possibilities.


1. If the password is incorrect
(1) Make sure that the password is entered correctly, and avoid mistyped uppercase and lowercase letters.
(2) If you cannot log in using method (1), please contact the administrator.


2. When the email address is incorrect
(1) In case of mistypes of uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Please make sure that your email address has been entered correctly.
(2) If you cannot log in using method (1), please enter the email address that may have been used for registration as many times as you can think of and try to log in.
In addition, we send various notice emails to the registered email address.
If there is an account to which the notification email arrives, the email address will be the registered address.


Q: “E-mail address confirmation is not completed” is displayed.
A: Registered user’s My Page cannot be used unless the confirmation of the mail address entered at the time of new registration is completed. Please confirm to the registered email address that mail to verify the authentication has not been received from micpub.com. By doing the mail address authentication procedure, all pages can be used.


Q: I want to check/change user information.
A: After logging in, you can check your name, registered email address, password, bank account, etc. from “account information”. When changing, please click “update” after correcting the item.


Q: I want to delete my account.
A: Please send a message using inquiry form.


About publication


Q: What do I need to prepare to apply for publication?
1. Original file
Extension of EPUB (. Epub) or Word file (. Docx) can correspond to the original file.
In the case of an EPUB file, use that file as it is and register it at each sales store. However, if the specification of the uploaded file does not match the registration information of the sale store, you will be required to resubmit a new file.
In the case of Word files, conversion to EPUB files is done by micpub management side, but since there is a possibility that display of fonts and images etc will be partially changed in the process of conversion to EPUB file, we acknowledge it beforehand.
Regarding Word files, refer to How to create books (Word).
The file size should be 100 MB or less.
Please acknowledge beforehand that we can not support PDF files.
※For manuscript files, characters based on novels should be 5000 letters or more.
If the amount is too small, we may refuse publication.


2. Cover file
Please upload the cover image file as JPEG file (.jpg) with 2560 x 1600 pixels as a guide.
The recommended file size is 1 MB, and it should not exceed 5 MB.
Also, if the uploaded image has an inappropriate size, the administrator may resize it or ask the user to resubmit it.
If created by yourself, you can create a cover page for free from the following sites, so we encourage you to use them.
In addition, if you cannot prepare the cover page by yourself, you may contact the  operation side using inquiry form free of initial cost.
In that case, we will use the design proposed by the management side, and we will lower the user’s royalty rate for the selling price by 10% less than usual.


Q: What kind of publication information do I need to enter?
Title (within 50 characters): Japanese, phonetic, English
Author(s): Japanese, phonetic, English
Publisher: Japanese, phonetic, English
Description (100 characters or more and 2000 characters or less): Introduction of work content, table of contents
Category: Please confirm details on my page
Language: Japanese and English are available. Other languages conform to the specifications of the sales store.
Confirmation of the right to publish: You cannot publish books without publication rights. In addition, books in the public domain are available for publication, but actual sales can be based on the specifications of the store.
Price: 99 yen ~ 20,000 yen
* The price of Amazon outside of Japan shall be set by the administrator based on the price in Japan. However, please understand that the minimum suggested retail price fluctuates depending on the area, capacity of the manuscript, and the cover.
For details, please check the official Amazon website.


Q: Where are my books sold?
Amazon: Kindle (KDP cannot be selected)
Apple: iBooks
Google: Google play books
Rakuten: kobo
* Please be advised that a possibility of change in the sales stores could happen anytime.
Registered users must approve the sales of their submitted Ebooks for the newly added stores.


Q: Who owns the copyright of the books I published?
A: The copyright solely belongs to the authors of the books.
However, micpub can use and modify it within the range necessary for smooth service provision.


Q: What should I do if I want to change the contents or stop the selling of my published books?
A: Please contact us using inquiry form.


About royalties and sales


Q: When can I check my sales volume?
A: The sales volume will be posted on your My Page at the end of the following month.
However, please be informed that the reflection of sales details may be delayed according to other tasks.


Q: What is the royalty rate?
A: The rough estimate of the royalty rate of each sales store is as follows.


StoresRoyalty rate
Google Play ブックス
Sample computation:If a book is sold in iBooks for 200 yen, the royalty is 100 yen.
* In the case of the public domain, the royalty rate may be further lowered.


* Depending on the area where sales occurred, VAT may be added and the selling price may change. In that case, the royalty will still be computed based on the e-book’s original price without VAT.
Sample Computation:
* For Amazon, the royalty rate varies between countries. The royalty rate for sales in Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico is 15% and 50% for the rest.
* On Amazon, delivery costs will be charged depending on the size of the manuscript and cover file. Even if the book is sold, the royalty may be significantly less or 0. In this case, the delivery costs will be charged from user’s royalty.


Example: If a 500 yen book is sold, the royalty rate is 50%, and the delivery cost is 50 yen
Royalty=Selling Price×Royalty RateーDelivery Costs=500×0.5-50=200 Yen

Q: How can I receive sales royalty?
A: (1) Please register account information on My Page.
(2) Please apply for withdrawal from “payment application” on My Page.
* A bank that can be registered as a transfer destination is only an account in Japan.
If registration information is incorrect, you cannot receive sales royalty. In addition, the commission in the case of bounced payments will be borne by the users. Please be careful when entering your account information.
* PayPal account used for receipt must be in a state that can receive payment, such as a business account.


Q: How much is the minimum sales royalty that the user can withdraw?
A: You can withdraw from 1 yen + transfer fee.


Q: How much is the transfer fee?
A: It will be charged 250 yen.
* In the event of a transfer error due to a mistake in the registered bank account information, in addition to the above transfer fee, a separate settlement fee will be deducted from sales.
* Even in the case of PayPal accounts, sales royalty will be paid in yen.
Besides the above fee, payment fee and exchange fee are deducted from PayPal, but the amount varies depending on the country and region, and the designated receiving currency. Also, they will be shouldered by the user.
For details, please check the corresponding page of your PayPal.
Q: When can I receive the sales royalty that I applied for a transfer?
A: They will be transferred to the bank account or registered PayPal account by the 15th of the following month.


Q: What will happen to the sales proceeds that were not received at the time of deactivation?
A: When you unsubscribe, you have to make a transfer application, and after you complete the transfer, your account will be closed.
In addition, if the transferable amount is less than the transfer fee, the transfer will not be done effectively.
Also, if you unsubscribe without leaving the transfer fee which has not been transferred, you will be deemed to have abandoned the sales fee.
In case of closing your account, please proceed with the deactivation procedure after obtaining sufficient understanding of that effect.