This page introduces how to make a book publication application, sales management and withdrawal request from My Page (displayed after creating an account with micpub).


My Page Home

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The menus displayed in My page home and their functions are as follows:

1. Add Book:This is the page for saving new Ebook data or applying for publication.

2. Sales:The sales status of books is displayed in a graph form.

3. Withdrawal:This is the page for sales and affiliate royalty payment request.

4. My Account:”Edit Account details” is for filling out and editing your profile and payment information. “New Password” is for changing your password.


6.Books display:On the My Page Home, the book data that has already been saved or is being published is listed. The book title, author, price, status, publication application date, sales store, and cover image are displayed.

7.Book Edit:Click the “Edit” button in the book list to move to the edit page. However, editing is only allowed to books that have not yet been published. Others can only be checked.

8.Google Language:There is the translation function, “Google Language” in the footer. Please use it if you want to see this page in other languages.


Add Book Page

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When publishing new Ebooks, please enter the following information and upload the manuscript and cover file. All fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

1. Title

2. Author’s name :If there are two or more authors, add the names and separate them with a comma.

3. Content introduction:Minimum 100 characters.

4. Genre

5. Language:In the case of languages other than English, Japanese, and Korean, fill out the language in the comment field.

6. Price:99 yen ~ 20,000 yen

7. Cover:jpg file. If you want micpub to create a cover image, please upload the dummy cover file in the link (this image) included in the description above the “Cover” button.

8. Draft:.docx or .epub

9. Stores:Click the inverted triangle for adding or deleting stores.

10. Comment:Please use this field for the additional request. However, please take note that your requests will undergo review and not all requests will be granted.

11. Save:Title is required for saving a book.  The book will be added to the book list of My Page Home after saving.

12. Apply:Confirmation of the publishing right, public domain, adult content and agreement of the Terms of Service

13. Apply Button:When applying for publication, users can not edit the book’s information. If you need to edit, please Contact Us. If an error occurs due to incomplete input after you click the “Publish” button, the screen will reload once, and all data might be lost. Please make sure to click the “Save” button before applying for publication.



Sales Page

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You can check your sales results.

1. Graph:A sales graph for each month, color-coded for each sales book is displayed. By clicking on the title of the book, you can switch the display of the graph.

2.Gross Sales:Displays the total sales value for each book.

3.Sales record:It shows you which books were sold at which stores and when. The estimated payment amount is the amount of the royalties paid by the user for each sale, and the estimated deposit date is the date on which the payment can be withdrawn.


Withdrawal Page

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You can request withdrawal.

1. Unpaid balance:It is the amount of royalty payment that can be withdrawn at any moment.

2. Date:The date of application day will be automatically entered.

3. Withdrawal Amount:Enter the amount to be withdraw this time.

4. Apply

5. Withdrawal record:The record of withdrawal application will be displayed.


My Account:Edit Account details

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You can check / edit your account information.

1. Name:Please write your real name

2. Email:A registered e-mail address has been entered. This address is also used in affiliate programs.

3. Country

4. Address

* Please fill in only one of 5, 6, and 7 below.

5. Japanese Bank Account

6. PayPal

7. Other

8. Update


My Account:New Password

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You can change your password in this page.

1. Current Password

2. New Passowrd:8 character minimum

3. Retype New Password

4. Update