Article 1 Purpose
1. These Terms need to be agreed upon using micpub Publishing Agency Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided by the operator of this site (hereinafter “Operator”). Regarding this service, these Terms will be applied over the Terms of Use. For items not stipulated in this agreement, the terms of service shall apply.
2. If there are any other publishing terms written in another language and there is a difference between each publishing terms, the terms stated in Japanese shall prevail or be applied.

Article 2 Definition of Publishing Agency Service
1. Publishing agency service is a service operated by a third party directly or indirectly affiliated with the operator on behalf of the administrator for the file and publication information that the registered user specified by the usage of agreement received in the service and applied for publication to the e-book store etc. (hereinafter referred to as “sale store”) to be sold by publishing. In addition, the registered user agreed to the publishing royalties according to the fixed rate based on the number of copies sold.
2. The publishing substitution method is carried out by a method of storing the file in a server etc. managed and operated by the sale store and is publicly available to the website visitors.
3. The publisher name displayed on the sale site will be the one specified by the operator (“micpub” or “”) according to the specification on the sale site.

Article 3 Eligibility for Use
1. In order for registered users to request for a publication agency application by using this service, you agree to this agreement and you need to proceed with the publication application process according to the method the operator specifies on the site. Please submit an application according to the instructions on the site.
2. Please be careful not to make multiple publications on the sale store by registering in other publishing agency services or publishing on your own. If you apply for a book that has already been published, it may be registered as a different book in the store or you will not be permitted to publish. The operator is not responsible for any legal damages caused by this incident.
3. When a registered user has withdrawn from publication delegated books, sales at the sale store will also be stopped one by one. In addition, if the user leave the royalties that have not been transferred to the user, you will be deemed to have abandoned the royalties.
4. Registered users agree that the operator will pay the agreed fee according to a fixed rate for the sales of books sold through this service.
5. Registered users shall guarantee that they are not a part of any antisocial forces, including but not limited to gangs, gang-related companies, and corporate extortionist. They shall further guarantee that they have no capital, business relationship, or any other relationship with anti-social forces. When an administrator judges that a registered user has a capital relationship, business relationship, or other kinds of relationship with anti-social forces, the operator may cancel this Agreement and suspend the service without the need for any legal procedure.

Article 4 Sales Store and Region
1. The sales stores currently available for the publication agency application are as follows. The products will be sold in each sales store in the widest possible sales area. However, if the sales store restricts the products in some areas, the registered user has to follow it. Please note that the operator has the sole discretion to either remove or add the affiliated sales stores and the products that will be sold in them.
· Amazon: Kindle (KDP Select cannot be selected)
· Apple: iBooks
· Google: Google Play Books
· Rakuten: Kobo
2. Whether to apply the DRM is left to the operator.
3. The copyright of the book that was published using this service belongs to the author of the book. However, the operator shall be able to use and modify them within the scope necessary for smooth service provision.

Article 5 Distribution of Royalties
1. Users shall receive 50% of the selling price as royalty income for sales of books, except certain regions of Amazon sold through this service (Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico). For sales of books in certain regions of Amazon, the user shall receive 15% of the selling price as royalty income. However, if local taxes are added to the price, the royalty should be 50% or 15% accordingly of the selling price after tax.
2. The operator shall receive 50% of the book sales, including the store’s commission.
3. If the registered user requests the operator to create the cover page, the user shall receive a royalty income of less than 10% from the above royalty rate, and the operator shall receive this 10%.

* On Amazon, delivery costs will be calculated depending on the size of the manuscript and cover file. Depending on the capacity of the distribution cost, even if the book is sold, the royalty income may be significantly reduced or may be lost. In this case, please understand beforehand that the royalty that you can actually receive is already deducted by the delivery cost.

Example: When a 500 yen book is sold, the royalty rate is 50%, the distribution cost is 50 yen

Royalties = (selling price – delivery cost) × royalty rate = (500 – 50) × 0.5 = 225 Yen


Article 6 Document Format
1. This service is done by publishing on the sale store a manuscript in a file format that can be accepted by the sale store.
2. Registered user agrees to the publication substitution to the store, which means the third party affiliated by the operator and the operator may adjust the publication substitution data in order to optimize the display. However, the administrator shall not allow any third party to modify the content of the text, images, charts, etc. without the permission of the registered user.

Article 7 Requirements for Publishing Agency Content
1. The user has to complete the application form for publishing with the necessary information that should not need updating.
2. The publishing process can only be performed for content that the copyright owner himself has copyright or has obtained necessary permission and the registered user guarantees that the content does not infringe the rights of the third party. In the event that any dispute arises with a third party, the registered user shall promptly solve the problem at his/her own expense and responsibility and in response to the complaints and responsibilities of the operator. The registered user has to deal with the dispute appropriately and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the operator. In the unlikely event that an administrator is liable or suffered damage to a third party due to the acts of registered users, the registered user shall indemnify the damage of the operator.
3. The original document to be uploaded by the registered user has to be an EPUB file (. Epub) or Word file (. Docx) (PDF is not allowed). In the case of an EPUB file, the user shall use that file as it is and as it was registered with each sales store. However, if the specification of the uploaded file does not match the registration condition of the sale store, we may need to recreate it again. In the case of Word files, the operator converts them to EPUB files, but in the course of the conversion, there is a possibility that the display of fonts and images may be partially changed, so please be forewarned.
4. If the manuscript is a Word file, please submit a file that conforms to the contents of ” How to create a book (Word) ” and set the file size to 100 MB or less.
5. For manuscript files, text-based ones such as novels must be at least 5000 letters in length, and images, mainly of pictures or illustrations, should be uploaded from more than 30 pages. If the amount is too small, we may refuse publication at the discretion of the operator. In addition, it may be impossible to sell, depending on the sale store, what is imaged with text content. Even color books are displayed in black and white depending on the viewer’s environment. You cannot sell if you are using light colors in the cover, body, and so on. It is judged difficult to read.
6. Please upload the cover image file as a JPEG file (.jpg) with 2560 x 1600 pixels as a guide. The file size should be 1MB as a guide, please do not submit those exceeding 5MB. Also, if the uploaded image file is inappropriate, the administrator may resize it or ask you to resubmit it. Also, you can ask the operator to create the cover from inquiries. In that case, you must use the cover created by the operator at the time of publication, and the royalties will be reduced by 10%.
7. You cannot publish contents that fall under the prohibited items of the terms of use.

Article 8 Commitment to the Publication Agency
1. In principle, the screening of content by operators is not done, but there is no promise that sales can be performed without fail. Even content that meets the content of this agreement will not be sold even if you apply. If the book you submitted is judged inappropriate by the policy of the sale store, selling it without notice after sale creates a possibility of being suspended, as agreed to by registered users. When applying, be sure to check the appearance of the book including misspellings, and apply for completed books.
2. If the publication is successful, the operator notifies the registered e-mail address, but please also check for yourself at each store.
3. If the publication of the e-book is successful, the operator introduces the book on this site or through the account of the social networking service it possesses, and so on, to the viewer by taking a link to the sale store. You can prompt the purchasing. However, it does not guarantee that the link to the sales store will always function correctly. There are times when trouble such as not being displayed due to specification change of the sale store happens.

Article 9 Schedule for publication agency
1. The publisher plans to start the publication of proxy procedures within five business days, normally from the day following the application for each publication proxy application. The business day of the operator is Monday through Friday (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, excluding vacation stipulated by the operator). However, depending on the business situation of the operator, such as when a large number of applications are made at once, it may take more time to complete the publication substitution procedure, and the registered user agrees in advance.
2. The schedule until completion of publication varies depending on each store. In response to delays in sales etc., the operator shall not bear any responsibility to registered users.

Article 10 Selling Price
1. Registered users can set selling prices when applying for publication agency application.
2. The selling price shall be specified between 99 yen and 20000 yen.
3. Even if there are stores that sell in other currencies, in principle, they will be sold at the cost of other currencies converted on the Japanese Yen basis.
4. The selling price may be changed according to the specification of the sale store or at the discretion of the operator, and the registered user agrees in advance. In this case, the fee received by the operator and the royalty distribution amount received by the registered user shall be calculated by the selling price after the change.
5. When the price changes due to sale by each sales store, rental sale, unlimited reading service, etc:
If the price fluctuates due to the sale of books that were subject to publication substitution at the discretion of the selling store, basically you can not give an advance notice from the operator about the timing and price. Registered users shall acknowledge the correspondence of those selling sites.

Article 11 Promotional Use of Contents
1. The operator and the selling store must read the sample contents according to the amount set by the registered user or the provision of the sale store as a sample and to be able to notify on the social network, register The user agrees in advance.
2. The operator and the selling store shall be able to use the cover of the contents for which the agency has performed the publication or a part of the contents such as the presentation of the content for the purpose of promoting the contents and the business of the sale store, in advance.

Article 12 Sales Report
1. Regarding sales of books at the store, the results of the current month will be reflected on My Page around the end of the next month. However, the reflection may be delayed depending on the business situation of the operator and the registered user agrees in advance.
2. The estimated deposit amount and the estimated due date will be reflected on My Page at the same time as the actual sales. However, the final deposit amount and deposit date may be changed due to the relationship of sales store, tax, etc. In that case, the operator changes the planned deposit amount and the scheduled deposit date from within My Page. In general, it is expected that the payment schedule will be the 7th day after the end of the second month when the sales occurred, but it actually follows the specifications of each sales store.
3. If sales occur in foreign currency, the number of sales and the estimated amount of deposit will be provisionally converted into yen. Ultimately, the number of sales and the amount which is supposed to be deposited will be determined based on the amount paid to the operator from a sales store or a third party alliance with the operator in yen.

Article 13 Payment of Royalties
1. Payment of royalties shall be paid through bank transfer account or registered PayPal account (up to the next business day if the 15th is a financial institution holiday or operator’s holiday) on the month following the month when the transfer application was made The transfer fee is deducted to the account. For registered users, please include only information of bank or PayPal account in the account information column. If both information is listed, we will transfer it to your bank account.
2. The transfer fee will be set at 250 yen for both transfers to a bank account and transfer to a PayPal account. In principle, it will be paid in yen currency. Banks and PayPal may collect fees such as withdrawal fees, settlement fees, exchange fees, etc. for registered users, but administrators do not assume any responsibility and bear the registered user.
3. Only bank accounts in Japan can receive royalties. Also, the PayPal account to be used for receipt shall be made receivable by the user, when preparing a business account.
4. In the event of a transfer error due to an error in the registered account information etc., in addition to the above transfer fee, the settlement fee is separately deducted from the registered user’s royalties.
5. In case of withdrawal, please inform the operator in advance, please make sure to apply for transfer and follow the withdrawal procedure after completing the transfer. In addition, if you leave the royalties that have not been transferred, you will be deemed to have abandoned the royalties. In case of withdrawal, please proceed with the withdrawal procedure after obtaining sufficient understanding to that effect.
6. The payment of royalties shall be done by the user from within “My Page”. The user can apply for withdrawal within the range of the remaining unpaid amount. When applying for withdrawal, the amount after deducting the transfer fee from the application withdrawal amount is actually transferred. Even if you apply for multiple withdrawals on the same day, a transfer fee will be charged for each withdrawal request. In addition, dispatch applications below the transfer fee are treated invalid.

Article 14 Change of Content After Application for Publication
1. Registered users can change the manuscript, cover page, detailed information, etc. after applying for book publication. In that case, we will inform the operator of the inquiry form of this service. After the operator gives approval, the registered user can change the contents and apply again for publication.
2. Changes are accepted free of charge, but due to the operational situation of the operator the response may be delayed, and registered users agree in advance.
3. The change can be made once a month for each work unless it is otherwise confirmed by the operator. Also, if the administrator determines that there are too many change requests or if the necessity is low, it may not be possible to change, and the registered user agrees in advance.

Article 15 Stop Publication
1. Registered users can apply for publication of books, at any time, that publication has been applied for. In that case, we will inform the operator of the inquiry form of this service. Content will be deleted from the sales store sequentially after the operator approves. However, if you apply for suspension of publication substitution, a time difference may occur until sales stop at the store, and the registered user agrees in advance.
2. You can re-publish books, at any time, whose publication has been stopped. When re-publishing, registered users should follow the same procedures as for ordinary publication requests.
3. Stopping publication is limited to once per month unless it is approved separately by the operator. Also, if the publisher decides that there are too many requests to stop the publication or the necessity is low, it may not be possible to re-publish, and registered users agree in advance.

Article 16: Outsourcing of Work
The operator can delegate a part of the work related to the publishing substitution service to a third party affiliated by the operator and the registered user agrees in advance. Part of the publishing work of the book shall be entrusted to PublishDrive.

Article 17: Jurisdictional Court.
With regard to litigation concerning these Terms, the Kagoshima Summary Court or the Kagoshima District Court shall be the first examiner’s exclusive agreement jurisdiction court according to the appeal.

Article 18: Governing Law.
Japanese law shall be applied to these Terms.