micpub publishes electronic books in major online book stores such as Kindle (Amazon), iBooks (Apple), Google Play Books (Google), Rakuten Kobo (Rakuten) with no upfront fee.

Prepare your Word file draft with a cover image, and micpub will handle the rest of the publication procedure.

Royalty rate is as follows:

StoresRoyalty rate
Google Play ブックス

※Kindle’s royalty rate varies dependeing on a customer’s residence. The royalty rate in Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico is 15%, while in other countries is 50%. You’re not allowed to choose KDP select.


Flow of publication

1. Preparation

・A Word or EPUB file (docx, epub)

※Check your EPUB file on the checking site in order to avoid any errors before sending it.

The way to make a proper Word file

・Cover image(jpg)


2. Sign up to micpub

・Register by SIGN UP

・Fill out the necessary information in “Account information”


3. Upload your Ebook, and apply for publication

· Set the title, author’s name, contents, price etc and upload the draft file together with the cover file

・Agree Terms of Service and apply for publication

・After application, it will take about a week for a book to be sold in stores

※Check the Publication Guide