This is the page for the manuscript purchasing service of Ebook. The purchasing service can be used without creating micpub’s account.

Please check the following notes and Purchase Terms and fill out the necessary information on the following purchase application form.


Purchase criteria

You can sell from 4,000 characters in Japanese or 2,000 words in English

You have to own all copyright (including author’s moral rights)

Significant misspellings, uncompleted works, and in breach of the Terms of Service will be rejected.


Transfer of copyright

All copyrights will be transferred to micpub (including the rights of Articles 27 and 28 of the Japanese Copyright Law).

Author’s moral rights cannot be used after the transfer.


Payment method

Bank transfer: remittance to a bank account in Japan (no transfer fee).

Mailing Money: It is possible to remit money to the bank account in Japan with the account name and e-mail address (transfer fee 165 yen).

Paypal: This option is only for the users who are not in Japan.

WorldRemit: This option is only for the users who are not in Japan.


Purchase flow

a. Fill out the form below and attach the manuscript (up to 3 at a time) and send it.

b. It is assessed by micpub, and the result is returned to your mailing address.

c. If you agree with the assessment result, you will reply to that by e-mail so that the purchase will be completed, and micpub will send money to you in the designated way.

d. If you are not satisfied with the assessment, send an Email to micpub and the purchase will be canceled. In that case, micpub deletes the file you sent. In addition, if there is no reply from you for more than 3 days after sending an assessment result from micpub, the purchase will be canceled automatically.


* We require all works to have at least undergraduate level writing and no typo.

So, check your works through before sending them to us.


I’m sorry, but we don’t accept English works now