The following is an explanation about the specifications of a draft when submitting a draft by Word document file and applying for publication.
Please prepare a draft that meets the following guidelines.


Headline setting

The headings or titles to be placed in the table of contents of the book (Ex: “Chapter 1 XXX”) is set in the headline.
You can set headings from “Home”, “Style” of Word Ribbon.
Please be forewarned that if the headline setting is not done, the finished book may be published without a table of contents.
Additionally, insert a page break at the end of each chapter.
To insert a page break in a Word file, click “Insert” – “Pages” – “Page Break” on the Word Ribbon (the toolbar that runs across the top of Microsoft Word with multiple tabs).
You can also insert the table of contents into the first page in advance using the function of Word.
If it is not inserted, micpub staffs will insert it on the front page of the main text based on the headings identified in the document.


Insert image

Please insert an image in JPEG format with center alignment. Do not add an image by using the copy & paste functions.
Insert an image file by clicking on the specific image file from “Insert” – “Illustrations” – “Pictures” of Word Ribbon.
Please do not include the cover image in the document file.


Insert table / shape

You can insert a table from the Word function, but it may not be displayed properly, so we recommend that you insert it as an image as much as possible.
Even if the table is not displayed properly, the management side has no responsibility.
If you still want to insert as a table, please do so from “Insert” – “Tables” – “Table” or “Insert” – “Illustrations” – “Shapes” on the Word Ribbon.


Header and footer

Do not use the header and footer functions at all.
Do not enter the page number.



You can use paragraph indentation, bold, italic, and heading styles.
However, special fonts may not be reflected.
Japanese fonts are converted to Gothic or Mincho at the administrator side, so please be aware.



You can put a link in the text.
However, links which are prohibited by Terms of Service, such as links for affiliate purposes, are impossible to use.


Character direction

Right spelled vertical writing is also possible.
Half size alphanumeric characters will be landscape oriented, but if you use full-width characters or vertical and median horizontal, it will be written in portrait orientation.
Please keep posting as it is if you stay in landscape orientation.